- Online System
- Highly Secure System
- View and work in the system from any terminal that supports internet connection (special interface created for mobile phones)
- Online data transfer between beneficiaries of the same EVA system
- EVA-API, Online Data Transfer with other databases through an Application Programming Interface (API) to allow users of EVA products to integrate with other systems. The EVA-API is a XML Web Service, so it can be used with the most popular programming languages like Visual Basic, C#, Java and C++. EVA-API can receive automatic receipt of orders from your clients. The orders are posted to EVA as Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Pickup Orders or Shipments to start processing immediately without human intervention. EVA-API can do any imports and exports of data informations between any operating systems.
- Work cabinet implemented for the client who can view and manage all transports, costs, online orders, receive invoices, etc.
- System applicable to all types of transport: air, road, sea, courier
- Accurate records of shipments
- Automatic calculation of charges to customers
- Automatic calculation of the cost of agents
- Calculation of revenue, gross profit
- Uses any international currency to automatically update the official exchange rate
- Unique barcode (no more 1D barcode)
- Unique scanning expedition (instant status of shipment). It requires no scanner. Scanning is done via WAP technology. Very low costs of use
- The client can track his/her shipment status by:
EVA-EMAIL TRACKING automated email sent by EVA system with the last status shipment report
EVA-WEB TRACKING online monitoring on company website
EVA-SMS TRACKING status requested and received via SMS by the AWB#
- Introduction of regular lines and flights of transport (air, road, sea, courier)
- Introduce cost of transport lines and the cost allocation per each shipment
- Automatic billing (daily, weekly, monthly) for customers. Automatic email sending of bills and specifications of invoices (all transports related to an invoice)
- Automatic Verification of customer business data through VIES
- Automatic calculation of VAT according to the un/taxable person, to local/ extra/community status, to type of transport, according to the regulations of the tax code in 2010
- Possibility of payment of transport depending on the condition of delivery (sender or recipient)
- Charts and situations per carrier, customer, agent, costs, profits, etc..
- Storage situation - input, output of goods.
- Pre-alert of transport to airline, ship or road.
- Pre-alert of transport to custom offices for export-import operations.
- Risk analysis relevant to custom offices, per sender, recipient, type of commodity, origin, destination, quantity.
- Possibility of scanning and storing of the transport documents, documents accompanying the goods and the custom declarations per each shipment.